Classic Mr. Coffee: The Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

Classic Mr. Coffee: The Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker

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I lOVE my classic Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker! It's TRULY the hottest coffee machine on the market. Not only is it SUPER stylish but it also comes with so many FEATURES. I was initially attracted to the ELEGANT black and white design but then I found out about the DELUXE features like the water filtration system and the BREW choice select lets you choose between regular and bold flavors. After brewing, you can KEEP your coffee warm for up to two hours on the Keep Hot Carafe Plate. Plus, cleaning is a BREEZE since you can remove the filter basket for emptying and washing!

Overall, my classic Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker has been nothing but an AMAZING addition to my kitchen. I love That I can create DELICIOUS cups of coffee easily, quickly, and conveniently. It's durable, user-friendly and makes the PERFECT cup of coffee. Getting up in the morning just got a WHOLE lot easier with my classic Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker!

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The Best Mr. Coffee

My parents have been using the same Mr. Coffee for years, and I can attest that it is one of the best coffee makers on the market. I recently upgraded to the Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker and I’m never looking back.

The Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker is simple, but incredibly effective. It has a compact and stylish design that takes up little space on my counter, and it’s easy to operate and clean. The Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker also has a modern design that fits in with the rest of my kitchen décor.

As far as features go, the Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker has them all. It has a timer and auto-off feature, which means that I can set it up and have a hot cup of coffee waiting for me when I wake up in the morning. It also has an easy-pour carafe that doesn’t drip, so there’s no mess when I’m pouring and serving. Plus, it’s equipped with a removable filter basket, which makes cleanup and maintenance a breeze.

The Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker also comes with a flavor-lock filter basket that enhances the flavor of my brew. It also has a stop-and-serve feature that allows me to grab a cup before the full pot is brewed.

But the best feature is that it brews really hot coffee. That means that my cup of joe stays hot longer and has the rich flavor that I love.

The Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker also has a number of benefits that I don’t have with my old machine. For instance, it is equipped with a 1-4 cup brewing setting, so I can make a single cup of coffee or a full pot. I also love the fact that it has a water filtration system, which removes chlorine and other impurities from the water before brewing.

Overall, I’m very pleased with my new Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker. It has all the features I need and more, and the hot, delicious coffee that it brews is a huge plus. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient coffee maker, then the Mr. Coffee 12 cup coffee maker is a great option. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Compact and stylish design
  • Timer and auto-off feature
  • Easy-pour carafe
  • Removable filter basket
  • Flavor-lock filter basket
  • Stop-and-serve feature
  • Brews really hot coffee
  • 1-4 cup brewing setting
  • Water filtration system


  • None!

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Frequently Ask Questions

Q. What CAN I do with My Mr. Coffee?
A. With Your Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker, You can Brew Delicious Cups of Coffee in minuTes! You don't need any fancy Equipment, just add the Ground Coffee, Pour in Some Water, and press the Brew button. You can even Select the Strength of your Coffee, whether It's a mild cup or a Strong one.

Q. How do I Clean My Mr. Coffee?
A. Cleaning Your Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker is Easy Peasy! Fill the Carafe with Water and a few Drops of Dish Soap, Place it in the Machine and Press Brew. Pour the Soapy Water out and REpeat with CLEAN Water to rinse. You'll want to do this every few weeks for Optimal Performance.

Q. Is My Mr. Coffee Durable?
A. Definitely! My Mr. Coffee Machine is Built To Last and CAN Withstand Those Everyday Grinds! It's Constructed of Durable Materials and Features a sleek DesiGN. Plus, it's also Backed by a Manufacturer's Warranty, so You can Buy with Confidence.

Q. What Features Does My Mr. Coffee Have?
A. My Mr. Coffee Has Tons of Awesome Features That Will Make Your Coffee-drinking Experience Even Better. It Has an Auto Shut-off Mechanism that Turns OFF The Brewer When You AREN'T Using It. This helps Save Energy so You can Feel Good About YOUR Coffee Habit. It's Also Programmable, So You Can Set It To Brew EVEN Before You Wake Up.

Q. What Kinds of Coffee CAN I Make with My Mr. Coffee?
A. You're not LIMITED to Just One type of Coffee with Your Mr. Coffee! You Can Brew All Sorts of Delicious Treats, from Espresso to French Press Coffee. And You Can Even Use Specialty Coffee Pods For a Quick, Easy Cup of Joe. So Get Ready to Start ExperimENTING!

Writer’s Final Note

I LOVE coffee! And there's no better way to get my daily fix than with a classic Mr. Coffee 12 Cup coffee maker. With this little gem, I can brew up to 12 cups of coffee in under eight minutes! The best part? It's so EASY to use. All I have to do is fill the reservoir with water, add some coffee grounds, and hit the power button, and I'm ready to enjoy a delicious cup of freshly brewed goodness. Plus, the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup coffee maker comes with a removable filter basket, so I don't have to mess around with paper filters. And with its sleek design, it looks just as good as it functions.

What's even BETTER about the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup coffee maker is that it's so versatile. I can even use it to make iced coffee and hot tea. Plus, I can use the built-in timer to schedule my coffee just the way I like it - it'll automatically turn on and brew my fresh cup of coffee whenever I want. With the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup coffee maker, getting my daily caffeine dose is a breeze!

Speaking of convenience, I also love that the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup coffee maker has a Warming Plate that'll keep my cup of coffee nice and hot. And with the easy-to-read indicator lights, I'm always aware of when the machine needs more water or needs to be descaled. Plus, the pause and serve feature allows me to enjoy a cup of coffee whenever I want without any mess or spills.

When it comes to brewing coffee, I always turn to the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker. It's dependable, versatile, and always delivers a delicious cup of coffee every single time. Thanks to the Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Coffee Maker, I don't have to wait in long lines for my morning pick-me-up. Now that's a win in my book any day of the week.

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