How to make cafetière coffee | Cafetière Guide – Pact Coffee

How to make cafetière coffee | Cafetière Guide - Pact Coffee

Hi I’m Patrick from pack coffee and Today I’m going to show you how to brew A cup of coffee using a cafe chair [Music] The first thing you’re gonna do is boil Your kettle and just leave it for a Minute then if you’re making one cup of Coffee we’re going to take a single Scoop of coffee pop it in there and fit It halfway but I’m gonna make two today So I’m gonna put two scoops I’m gonna fill it to the top then we’re Gonna pour it’s important that you pour Nice and fast You want to get all the coffee as wet as Possible this is so that it sinks all The way to the bottom next we’re going To stir four or five times pop the lid On so it doesn’t get too cold and we’re Just going to leave it for four minutes The reason why we give that a little Stir is to break the grounds apart so That order your coffee brews so it’s Been about four minutes it’s looking Pretty good so we’re going to pop the Lid off you’re going to notice there’s Some ground coffee lying on top what We’re going to do is just gently take Some of that off and pop it in a cup This is going to make it much easier to Plunge your coffee and ensure that There’s less coffee bits in the cup Pop your lid back on and what we’re Going to do is just push really gently

So we slowly get the plunger all the way To the bottom now when you get there you Don’t want to push too hard you’ll Notice that there are lots of tiny bits Of ground coffee sitting there and you Don’t want that to come into your brew Perfect now we pour And that’s how you brew a cup of coffee Using a cavity air thanks for watching This PAC coffee guide and I hope you Enjoy it [Music]

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