✅Top 10 Best Keurig Coffee Makers Reviews 2022

✅Top 10 Best Keurig Coffee Makers Reviews 2022

Hey guys in this video we’re gonna be Checking out the top 10 best keurig Coffee makers that are available on the Market for their true quality I made this list based in my personal Opinion and hours of research and have Listed them based on popularity quality Price durability user opinions and more If you want to see more information in The updated price you can check out the Description below and also make sure Subscribe for more reviews okay so let’s Get started with the video [Music] Starting at number 10 we have the keurig K supreme coffee maker Our overall favorite from today’s Collection of the best keurig coffee Makers is the k supreme a compact and Highly effective single serve coffee Machine The key selling point with this model is The introduction of keurig’s Multi-stream technology As the name hints the machine uses Multiple streams of water to improve Saturation leading to a superior flavor And aroma than you could achieve from a Cake classic or similar machine The water reservoir on this unit has a 66 ounces capacity The choice of positions helps to Maximize your options for countertop Installation and the tank is removable

To simplify refilling and cleaning You get the choice of four different Brew sizes with this model 6 ounces 8 Ounces 10 ounces or 12 ounces You can also accommodate taller travel Mugs to liven up your morning commute Without needing to decant drinks in the Morning with your eyes half shut While you benefit from single serve Convenience at its finest here you can Also customize your beverages There is a dedicated bold setting for Anyone who likes their joe super strong And you can enjoy your coffee piping hot Or served over ice The only gripes we could find concerning This keurig center on the amount of Water that bypasses the k-cup with some Users claiming this weakens the Extraction noticeably Bottom line you’ll never achieve the Same quality of coffee as you would when Using fresh beans and more traditional Brewing methods But you won’t be faced with the expense Of a super automatic machine either and You won’t need to master any new skills For push button ease and coffee in 60 Seconds flat this is arguably the best Keurig coffee maker in the entire line Moving on at number nine we have the Keurig k slim coffee maker Despite the tiny form factor the water Tank on this model has a 46 ounces

Capacity allowing you to make multiple Cups before needing to top it up As with all keurig coffee makers the Water tank slides out to streamline Refilling The removable nature also makes clean up A cinch punch a button to make an 8 Ounces 10 ounces or 12 ounces coffee to Suit Aside from slipping in a k cup pod and Topping up the water tank that’s the Extent of user input required on the k Slim Another bonus for such a small machine Is the fact this model easily Accommodates tall travel mugs to 7 Inches giving you great versatility with Serving With a choice of over 400 different Coffees coming in k-cup pods from almost 100 brands you’ll be spoiled for choice If you invest in the keurig ecosystem This holiday season If you don’t fancy this coffee maker Yourself it would make a wonderful gift At number eight we have the keurig k Mini plus coffee maker Continuing our showcase of some of the Smaller and more compact keurig coffee Makers in the line the k mini plus is Among the finest of these space-saving Single-serve machines Ideal for singles or couples the main Draw with this model is the one cup

Reservoir this of course might prove Disadvantageous in a family environment Or a high demand kitchen but for anyone Wanting the occasional cuppa at the push Of a button the k mini plus is tailor Made You can brew any cup size from 6 ounces Through 12 ounces using one of the Hundreds of k-cup pods at your disposal Since this machine comes from the Classic line rather than the 2.0 line You won’t be locked into using only the Barcoded pods giving you a much wider Choice even if the extraction is not Automatically optimized as with the Newer generation of keurigs The onboard storage for nine spent K-cups further improves convenience Giving you a hassle-free and totally Clean way of making coffee as long as You don’t mind the eco footprint of the Single serve game Available in a wide palette of vibrant Colorways to add some character to your Kitchen counter the k mini plus is hands Down one of the best keurig coffee Makers At number seven we have the keurig k Elite coffee maker Stepping things up in terms of size the K elite is an outgoing model now Replaced by the keurig supreme our Overall favorite keurig coffee maker That said there is a good reason this

Model has shifted so many units over the Years and it remains a valid choice Today With a generous 75 ounces water Reservoir you won’t find yourself Endlessly refilling this machine You can use any k-cup pods in this Iconic single serve machine and you can Also purchase the proprietary reusable Coffee filter so you can take advantage Of freshly ground coffee when you feel Like something more robust Whether you’re looking for a short Strong shot in the morning or a longer Coffee to ease into your day you can Customize your cuppa precisely with the K elite As well as choosing from hundreds of Pods or any type of fresh coffee you can Also get hot water on demand from this Unit allowing you to widen your menu to Include tea infusions and soups as well As the coffee you crave in the mornings Like all keurigs this machine doesn’t Heat the water beyond 192 f so you’ll be Short of the recommended temperature of 195 f to 205 f for the perfect golden Cup of coffee As with all machines in this line though Convenience is the primary draw and you Get that here in abundance At number six we have the keurig k Classic coffee maker As we reach the midway point in our

Showcase of the best keurig coffee Makers we have the enduringly popular k Classic Not only is this one of the cheapest Keurig in the whole range but it’s also Available at a steep discount right now So act quickly and snatch yourself a Real bargain This model comes equipped with a 48 Ounces water tank so you can enjoy six Large mugs of coffee before needing to Top it up This reservoir slides out to make Cleaning and refilling easier you can Brew three different cup sizes from this Machine six ounces eight ounces or 10 Ounces and you can use any k-cup pods so You won’t be locked in like with Machines from the keurig 2.0 line If required you can program your k Classic to power down after two hours of Inactivity There is also a dedicated descaling Function baked in refer to our faqs Below for guidance on descaling a keurig Coffee maker the easy way For anyone looking for serviceable Coffee in less than a minute from a Compact machine that’s also extremely Affordable this is among the best keurig Coffee makers in a wide range The only real drawback is that this Model is flagged by several users as Having reliability issues

Do your due diligence here At number five we have the keurig k cafe The cake cafe is one of the most Flexible of all the machines in the Keurig line so how does it perform Well perhaps the main selling point with This model is the milk froth are bundled This is even dishwasher safe so removes One of the main niggles about frothing Milk and giving you a seamless Experience if you want to add latte Cappuccino and macchiato to your menu of Coffee at home Making any kind of coffee couldn’t be Easier thanks to the k-cup pod system Choose from over 400 different blends With almost 100 different brands Offering their own versions of k-cup Pods The water tank has a 60 ounces capacity Ideal for busy home kitchens where you Don’t want to be endlessly refilling the Reservoir Auto shutoff is built in and powers the Unit down after a couple of hours Standing idle If you’re tempted by the idea of a Single serve machine but don’t want to Give up your freshly ground coffee Invest in the reusable filter and enjoy Your favorite fresh coffee on demand From the same compact coffee maker At number four we have the keurig k duo Keurig’s kduo is another machine

Offering the option of both single serve Coffee with k-cups and freshly ground Coffee in a 12-cup glass carafe If you’re making pod-based coffee choose From one of hundreds of options in the K-cup line In addition to proprietary pods you’ll Also find offerings from brands like Starbucks and dunkin donuts giving you a Best choice of lip smacking beverages With push button ease Choose from a 6 ounces 8 ounces 10 Ounces or 12 ounces cup of pod based Coffee and eliminate the hassle from Making it When you feel like a more indulgent Coffee blitz up some fresh beans right Before brewing and then load them into Your k duo to take advantage of the Filter and generous carafe You need to buy this filter separately If you want to get going right out the Box with fresh coffee This is one of the more programmable Models in the keurig line and it comes With a correspondingly steeper learning Curve than most of the more basic Machines Once you get to grips with the k duo Though you’ll wish you’d bought this Machine years ago In many ways this machine is the perfect Compromise delivering push-button Convenience when you need it but without

Completely removing the option of fresh Coffee when required At number three we have the keurig k Select as we near the end of our Collection of the best keurig coffee Makers we have the k select so how does This model shape up Firstly you need to choose from multiple Colorways to complement your kitchen While there is lots of plastic on Display the clean lines look great on The kitchen counter and the unit feels Pretty solid Even better this is one of the more Affordable coffee machines in the keurig Line too Choose from four different brew sizes so Everyone in the family gets their coffee Just the way they love it The bold setting is ideal for anyone who Prefers a stronger and punchier brew and You can achieve this at the push of a Button rather than by dialing in Variable manually Ultimately this is the primary draw with All single serve coffee makers You might take a slight hit when it Comes to quality but nothing can beat These things for ease of use ease of Cleanup and decent coffee on demand This model has some issues flagged with Reliability but aside from this receives Generally favorable reviews so see if it Looks like the right fit for your home

Kitchen At number two we have the keurig k duo Before we round out our search for the Best keurig coffee makers we have Another iteration of the k duo This machine gives you the option of Enjoying single serve coffee when you Need a caffeine fix in a hurry or the 12 Cup carafe providing you with drip Coffee when you want a fuller bodied cup Of joe at a more leisurely pace You get a reusable mesh filter bundled With this version of the k duo The 12 cup thermal carafe included is Made of stainless steel and keeps your Brood coffee warm for up to two hours The water tank has a decent capacity of 60 ounces and it can also be positioned To maximize placement options Whether you’re brewing pod based coffee Or freshly ground coffee in the carafe You can choose from multiple brew sizes To suit Take advantage of the bold setting if You want a punchier and more intense cup Of coffee to kick-start your day Aside from a handful of gripes related To customer service issues the vast bulk Of user testimony for the keurig k duo Is overwhelmingly positive And finally at number one we have the Keurig office pro commercial coffee Maker Arguably the best keurig coffee maker in

A very impressive line the office pro Gives you a commercial grade single Serve machine that works equally well at Home or in the office The super sized 90 ounces water Reservoir allows you to make up to 18 Cups before the tank needs topping up Perfect if the machine is installed in a Busy environment of any kind Unlike some commercial coffee machines This model cannot be plumbed into a Water line The substantial tank capacity more than Makes up for this though Using the office pro couldn’t be easier Navigate a crisp and intuitive touch Screen to easily brew pod based coffee At the push of a button You can manipulate brew strength to suit But you’ll get no needless options Complicating operation here To get started try the box of 12 variety Pods included This will give you a brief taster of the Hundreds of options at your disposal The internal hot water tank is drainable To streamline transportation if you’re Looking for coffee in less than a minute For any high demand setting the keurig Office pro is a must Thanks you for watching guys i hope you Liked this video if this video is Helpful to you please make sure like Comment and subscribe if you have any

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