12 Cup Digital Programable Coffee Maker – Review ✅

12 Cup Digital Programable Coffee Maker - Review    ✅

Hi guys today I have a new item to show You I just found it’s a new coffee maker And let’s take a closer look at the box It is by this company here best tech and As you see it’s quite large this is a 12 Cup coffee maker it is digital so you Can program it and it’s got a very Attractive colors of the black with the Hood stainless steel chrome look so Let’s go ahead and open it up here it is Out of the box and as you see it’s Pretty good size coffee maker here let’s Take a closer look at this you see it’s Got 12 and up there hold up to 12 cups Definitely large capacity look very nice Here you have the best tech name right On the front very simple design here This is the part where you do the Digital and you can program it here is Top and Wow Oh I didn’t see I didn’t know that this Came with that yet comes with its own Reusable coffee filter look at that very Nice saves you some money I like that on the side there that’s Nice it does tell you how much water to Put in all right well I’m going to go Ahead and let’s test it out let’s see How well this works Just got some coffee to put in here so I’ll put that in the top that’s the Water in now I’m going to start it I do Have it plugged in I don’t have the time Set yet but you can see it’s on and you

Can program it to go on at a certain Time but I’m just going to just turn it On to start brewing so I’m just going to Hit the on button and okay so you have To hit it so that’s blue light goes on Where it says run that means make some Coffee and I’m starting to hear it Making some noise so I know I’m got it On the right right button so I’m going To move it out and let’s see it make Some coffee Here’s a view of it from the top take a Look at it you can see it Turtling and steams coming up so it’s Heating it up sets up color and it’s off Close that again so I can go back to Brewing the coffee it’s making a beeping Sound which is indicating that the Coffee’s ready I like that alright time to try it Help Looks pretty good yes And I can put it back here where we’ll Keep it warm Makes a very nice good-looking cup of Coffee let’s see how it tastes Yeah that tastes good Another thing I want to note is that This will stay on it has an auto shutoff So after two hours this will shut off That’s good because one you don’t have To worry about if you leave it on that Is going to burn up but the other thing Is it gives you a two hours that this

Will be on if you’re having a party you Have it at the office some coffee makers Will only be on for say thirty minutes And then they shut off and sometimes That’s a little too fast Two hours is perfect I think it makes a Nice cup of coffee I like the way it Looks you can program it it’s big so you Can make a lot of coffee with it so Overall I’m extremely pleased with it And I will definitely be using this when I have friends over and lots of people Want to be drinking coffee this is the Coffee maker for that this concludes my Unboxing and review of the best tech 12 Cup coffee maker that you can program And thank you for watching See you next time bye [Music] You [Music]

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