Barista Coffee Making – Training for Beginners

Barista Coffee Making - Training for Beginners

Hi, I’m Stefan Carlberg, welcome to my 
coffee making tutorial for busy baristas.   Let me first say I’m pleased to have you here and 
also – I’m not a world champion barista. I do have   15 years of experience in the coffee making 
business so I hope I can impart some of that   Knowledge that I’ve gained, through this video. 
Now the most important aspect in the coffee making   Business is to be consistent, you have to be there 
every day – five o’clock in the morning, you have   To make the coffee consistently well, so when it’s 
really busy and you are trying to churn out three   Coffees a minute you have to make those coffees 
as well as you can. The most important aspect of   Making a coffee is the espresso. So the espresso 
is going to depend on how you grind the coffee,   You should have the grinder (I’m pointing at it 
now although you can’t see it) the grinder has   To be set up before you start every day. You fine 
tune it so that you make sure that the consistency   Of the ground coffee comes out the way you 
need it. You dial it in in the morning and then   You change it as the day goes on, because the 
temperature is going to change, the humidity is   Going to change and that’s going to affect how the 
grind comes out. You’ve got to be sure that you   Get the grind right where it’s going to be, you 
get the right dose so that it comes out properly.   Then you make sure that you tamp it correctly so 
you put the right pressure on so that it gets nice   And even and there’s no channeling happening 
once you get it in the coffee machine. Once   You have the espresso running and it has a nice 
flow, it should be between 25 and 30 seconds,   We’ll see what I managed to do in this one. The 
steam wand should be about a third in on the side   Of the milk pot and you should get the temperature 
up to about 60 to 65 degrees – getting the air   In it – you need to stretch the milk so that it 
is a nice consistency and all this you’ll learn   By doing. I’m not going to teach you 
how to make beautiful latte art in this   Coffee making tutorial because 90% of the coffees 
that I’ve served in the 15 years I’ve been in this   Business has been in take away containers. You put 
a lid on that and it doesn’t matter what it looks   Like – it does matter what it tastes like though. 
Nowadays the environmentally friendly cup is quite   Popular as well. Guess what? Got a lid on 
it as well. As long as you make a consistent   Coffee that tastes good all the latte art in the 
world is not going to matter, it’s going to be   Serving coffee with a lid on and if that is 
the case make sure that you do it consistently,   Beautiful is not going to count – it’s going to 
be taste! So there you have it, if you want to   Get good at making coffee you have to practice a 
lot. Thank you for watching this, if you like it   Press the like button, if you really like it even 
subscribe. I’m just happy you were here. Thank you

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