How to use a Rancilio Silvia Coffee Machine – MAKE A GREAT COFFEE, PROCESS, TIPS & CLEANING

How to use a Rancilio Silvia Coffee Machine  - MAKE A GREAT COFFEE, PROCESS, TIPS & CLEANING

Hi there in this video we’re going to Cover some essential steps and Guidelines when using this rancherlio Coffee machine So join me in this video as we make a Great coffee And also cover some essential steps to Look after this machine So before we start to make a coffee Let’s just cover some essential Information So here we have our power switch we’ve Got a green light And we’ve got an amber light now when The green light is on obviously power is On And when the amber light is on it means That the elements in the boiler is Heating up Here we have our coffee delivery switch Here we have our hot water delivery Switch And here we have our steam switch now Before we even put power to the machine It’s important that we check the water Tank level and make sure that it’s full Now it’s not essential but if you’ve got The provision try and use filtered water Where possible Now something to keep in mind is that This is a manual machine And the water boiler needs to be primed With water Before you even start otherwise you can

Actually burn the elements In the boiler now to do that we can Either use the coffee pour Or the hot water pour delivery switch Either of those switches will activate The water Pump and make sure that the boiler is Full now what i like to do is actually Hit the hot water Switch and open the valve and that way i Know when water is coming out And that way we know that the boiler is Actually full so we press the hot water Delivery switch And we’re going to open the steam valve And now we’re going to turn the power Point on And then turn the power switch on So once we have water coming out we know That that’s good And that the boiler is primed it’s ready To heat up now you’ll notice that our Amber light Has come on and that just indicates that The element is heating up Once that amber light turns off it means That it’s at temperature However what i recommend is that you Leave the machine on for about 15 Minutes And also lock in the group handle into The group head And get the system hot in order to get a Nicer coffee

Now when making a milk based coffee i Recommend that you take the following Steps now because this is a single Boiler coffee machine When we activate the steam switch the Water temperature inside the boiler is Going to be in excess of 100 degrees Celsius And that way we can get our steam out of The steam wand over here So once that’s done then we want to cool The boiler down and we can do that by Pressing the hot water delivery switch Priming the boiler again and opening the Steam wand until All the steam is actually purged from The system and hot water comes out Once we do that then we can go on and Make our coffee And what that does it actually prevents Steam coming out of the group handle and You burning the coffee So by following these steps you’ll Prevent the actual Elements from burning out so now that We’ve allowed our machine to heat up Because in this example we’re going to Be making a milk based coffee We’re going to hit this steam switch and You’ll see that the amber light has come On again Indicating that the boiler is heating up The water and once that amber light Turns off

We know that we can start using the Steam wand now it’s important if we’re Going to steam milk for longer than two To three minutes That we prime the boiler back up with Water so to do that we just turn the Steam switch off Turn the hot water switch on allow the Pump to pump water back Into the boiler and primer and then we Start our steam switch process again all Right so now that the amber light’s Turned off We can actually start steaming milk First we want to purge any water in the System So we just open the valve until all the Hot water comes out And steam starts showing And we’re looking for a silky texture in The milk as we stretch it So when you’re finished turn the steam Switch off Like that put your milk aside Grab a sponge or a towel and clean the Steam wand And we want to purge the system now of The steam So to do that we’ll just get our other Junk Turn our hot water switch on Activate the steam valve And let all the steam exit the system So we get hot water like that

Now what i also like to do is get your Glass or your cup And activate the coffee pour switch and That way we actually Prime the cup and get it up to Temperature so we’re not pouring coffee Into a cold cup and that way we purge Anything that’s left in the shower Screen Under the group head Okay we just want to clean the group Head Of any grinds on the contact surfaces Like that and now it’s ready to put in The machine So you can see that we’ve actually got Some really good crema Coming out of that coffee So now that we’ve finished making our Coffee we’re just gonna Take off the group handle like that And usually what i like to do is just Clean that shower screen like that just Get a bit of the coffee grind off And then i like to just do a coffee pool Just get a bit of hot water through the Shower screen and clean any Coffee grind that saw maybe in the System so you can see that that water’s Still quite dirty Um and that way when we go to make a Coffee next time It’s just cleaner water that comes out And now that we’re done we can just

Simply turn the machine off So now that we’ve finished making our Coffee i’m just going to go into some Weekly and some monthly Maintenance that we should be performing On this particular machine So on a weekly basis we should be doing A back flush And it’s very straightforward so all we Do is grab your portafilter And place it into your group head and Then grab this blind disk that comes With the machine and just place it in There Now i’ve used the double portafilter you Can use a single it doesn’t really Matter it’ll do the same job Now we’re just going to remove the drip Tray cover like that We’ll just put it aside and we’re going To lock in our group handle Into the group head Activate the coffee pool or the coffee Extract switch up here We allow that to run for five seconds And then you’ll see the system back Flush and drip into the drip tray You might want to empty the drip tray Beforehand in this case it’s not very Full And that’s all so on a weekly basis we Do this back flush For five seconds and that’s it [Music]

So now we can empty our drip tray clean Out the group head and then i recommend You get a brush and you clean around the Shower screen In the actual group head mechanism So that completes the weekly maintenance And cleaning now on a monthly basis Or for every kilogram of coffee i Recommend that you do a proper Chemical clean of the group head and That’s fairly straightforward as well so It’s a very similar process Except we’re going to be using a coffee Tablet or you can use some powder And we’re going to do that step three Times so we activate the coffee pour or The coffee extract switch For five seconds at a time and then we Allow for 10 seconds break in between So three lots of five seconds with 10 Second intervals in between So again grab your group handle and put Your Portafilter in and then your blind disc On top And now we’re just going to grab one Coffee cleaning tablet Like that and then we put it in On top of the blind disc like that and Then we just lock The group handle in to the group head We’re going to activate this switch for Five seconds And allow for 10 seconds in between and

We do that three times in total So that completes the monthly cleaning Process or per kilogram of coffee Depends how much coffee you have So then just give this a clean and then I’d recommend you just do a bit of a Flush Just to get any chemicals that saw might Be in the system out And what you might find is you might Need to do one coffee or so Before you get that taste back and it’s Just because of the chemical or the Cleaning tablets So now that we’ve finished our coffee we Finished our cleaning process I just like to give everything a good Clean and then put it back in And get the coffee machine ready for Next time So that’s it i hope you found this video Informative don’t forget to like it And subscribe to my youtube channel Thanks for watching

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