Introducing PurPod100 – 100% Compostable Single Serve Pod

Introducing PurPod100 - 100% Compostable Single Serve Pod

We wanted the consumer to not feel Guilty about single-serve and garbage we Wanted to actually feel good about it And I believe we’re doing it with the Pure applaud 100 the pure pod 100 is a Revolutionary new single serve coffee Pod made to be 100% compostable it’s the First of its kind in the world and we’ve Worked for two years to develop the Technology to do this billions of cups Are building up and they’re not going Anywhere for hundreds of years this is An average pump and what we’re asking Consumers to do while this is just fresh Out of the brewer and nice and hot is Somehow be able to separate filter and Lid and the cup and then throw that into The garbage there’s clearly a need the Consumer has for single serve coffee There’s also clearly need to be Responsible what you’re doing for the Environment Pure pot is made from three innovative New materials that are all 100% Compostable starting with the ring which Is a material that we’ve developed here In Ontario with the help of the University of Guelph It contains coffee chaff coffee chaff is A natural byproduct that comes from the Roasting process in our plant we Developed this innovative new mesh this Mash has to filter the coffee properly But it also has to be 100% compostable

And finally we’ve had to add a lid that Would give us the graphics that we Needed but also be compostable in Compost facilities so these materials Were all developed here are all Innovative and first of their kind in The world My family has been in business for over A hundred years and you stayed doing That by sticking to get old-fashioned Values do the right thing and play the Long-term protecting the environment is Just the right thing to do

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