Make Tastier Coffee – 4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Espresso

Make Tastier Coffee - 4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Espresso

Hey guys today i’ve got four tips to Help you improve your espresso [Music] G’day i’m luke and welcome back to the Artistic youtube channel where we guide You through all things coffee So you don’t miss out on one of our Latest videos make sure you subscribe Like and hit the bell icon and you’ll Get notified when we pop up our latest Video And if you’ve got a question hey leave It in the comments below we do love Answering them And just hearing what you’ve got to say Today i’m going to give you four great Tips to help you Improve your espresso so obviously There’s so much more in this topic but These four Are really going to allow you to go from Someone’s making an average cup of Espresso To getting something that’s far more Consistent and a great cup So the first thing is get to know your Product So get yourself your bag of beans and Turn around and start to understand what Information is on the bag The first thing i want you to look for Is a roast date Now a bag may have a batch date which is Fine

But we want to know when that product is Actually roasted And from roast date all the way through Up to 20 days I want you to do a test and taste the Coffee every single day Now at some point you’re going to find That coffee is actually going to be what You’re going to enjoy more For our recommendations i would say Start from seven days And maybe work up to 14 days because From seven days The gas will have been released from the Coffee and you’ll start to taste The flavors of the actual coffee over The carbon dioxide which is in the bag My second tip is be consistent in Everything you do behind a coffee Machine Because all of these little parts are Going to play a role In your end extraction so what do i mean By that well let’s give you a quick Little demo So we’re going to obviously weigh our Dose in So we’re going to get the right amount Of coffee Hot warm handles clean and dry just make Sure you do the same thing Every time how you actually distribute Your coffee into your handle If you’re going to swirl it and you’re

Going to tap it two times just make sure You do That same thing every time don’t sort of Retap and And change that process if you’ve got a Distributing tool make sure you use it Every time If you don’t and you’re just going to Sort of tap it along the side Again tap it three times make sure if You’re using your finger you’re leveling It the same Every single time and then when you’re Going to be applying Your pressure onto the coffee for Tamping we’ve got an automatic tamper Here obviously So that’s going to be a nice easy Process but if you’ve got a manual Tamper Make sure you do put the same amount of Pressure onto that coffee Make sure that it’s not on an angle Spend the time to get that the same Every single time so eliminating all These variables Out of the process you’ll be focusing on The grind To adjust your extraction and your Recipe so my third tip Is know your dose weight now your dose Is the amount of ground coffee that is Going to end up In your portafilter now we’ve talked

About this before But the best way to do that is use a Scale so Highly recommend getting yourself a Cheap scale and keeping a consistent Weight in here Every single time is going to make sure That the Pressure you apply the distributor Distributing that you’re putting onto The coffee is always going to be the Same The only variable outside of that is Going to be the grind And the age of the bean and how that’s Going to affect when water comes into Play And finally my last piece of advice is Work out a brew recipe That suits you now why do i say what Suits you because we all love Different types of coffee whether it’s Stronger milkier black All of those different types of coffee You need to tailor something that’s Going to suit What you need now how do you do that Well You need to make a brew recipe by Weighing in how much coffee you’ve got At the start Weighing in how much liquid actually Ends up in your cup That is going to give you a brew ratio

And then you’re going to add time into The equation which Makes it a recipe now we’ve got another Video that will tell you all about how To make your own one But a quick little summary a one to one Ratio For us is when we put 22 grams of coffee Into the portafilter basket When we weigh it out the end liquid in a Rastretto is going to be 22 and a half Grams And we are looking for about 22 seconds To achieve that Now if you want to make a more full Bodied double shot maybe kind of coffee We’re going to look at a two to one Recipe that is still 22 and a half grams Of coffee in our portafilter handle We’re going to get 45 grams of liquid Yield in our cup And we’re going to be looking at about 32 to 33 seconds of time To give you that recipe so they’re my Four points That will help you make a much better Espresso hey if you’ve got a tip please Leave in the comments below we’d love to Hear what you think Is gonna make a difference in everyone Else’s coffee thanks very much For watching have an awesome day [Music] You

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