Hi everyone welcome back to talking Tools for those of you who don’t know me My name is alex and today i’m going to Tell you everything you need to know About this guy the makita coffee maker Is that real or is that a joke let’s Find out [Music] [Music] Right so here we are we’re going to Make a coffee i’ve got all the different Parts of the machine all Washed And dried and ready To test it out I’m going to use a 18 volt battery which I’ve got here first i’ll connect that Right [Music] And there [Music] Take my little cup of water [Music] Turn that around All right so everything’s ready Let’s uh time it see how long it takes And check it out Just gonna start this at the same time [Music] This uh part here is For some kind of like coffee bag or Coffee pod as makita call it which I don’t really understand i’ve seen the Picture on the box and i’ve never seen

A pod for sale that’s kind of like that Um So i’m not really sure where to get Those or what they are so we’re sticking With the traditional way just putting The Ground coffee and using it like a drip Machine so Let’s keep going [Music] Okay i’m almost at four minutes now And you can really start to smell The coffee being brewed which is quite Nice It uh reminds me of a Kitchen in the morning before work or Something but You can have this anywhere on site with You Let’s keep going [Music] Okay it’s just hit five minutes And the little light is flashing Which i’m pretty sure tells me that it’s Done [Music] I’m gonna stop it there but it was Really more like around Five minutes than it finished Which is exactly what it said it would Be In the instruction manual [Music] Check it out hot coffee

[Music] Voila Pretty good Let’s summarize well It works it makes a coffee it makes one Coffee at a time And it does it very well I think the the first obvious thing i Would say about it Is it’s great to use you get that coffee Aroma you know whole coffee experience Brewing it and you have that anywhere on Site whatever remote locations camping Fishing so that’s you know probably it’s It’s best It’s best asset um It’s made nicely plastics are good It seems really you know sturdy and well Made Battery options excellent no matter what Sort of current makita tools you have And use Um It also has a five year warranty in Australia which is really good for a Coffee machine i don’t think there’d be Many out there that have got anything Like that Um And you know it could be a great gift Idea for someone who is into the Outdoors or A trades person who’s into coffee and That’s where it starts to

Change a bit in my opinion now The person who’s going to use this a lot Varies i think that a lot of people Would who bought this maybe then Wouldn’t get to use it much or would Just forget about having it um People who don’t have access to like Coffee shops service station electricity You know people working in remote Locations um you know Or in remote areas Um Would get probably a lot better use out Of it than people like myself who work In areas i have access to you know a Coffee shop hot water in the workplace You know you can just make coffee easily Other other ways If you don’t have those things then this Could be very useful for you Maintaining it though you’re going to Need to keep it clean because i imagine You know carrying around toolbox work Van kind of thing it could get dirty and Start you know Not working well tasting bad all that Stuff really quickly so you’re going to Want to stay on top of those things Definitely And I think Yeah it’s It’s something that’s fun it’s not for Everyone um it’s a good little unit uh

It’s definitely not a joke It is a little bit silly but yeah it’s Fun using it and i’ve had fun using it And i hope you’ve enjoyed uh watching This and getting hopefully some Information about whether it’s right for You or not so yeah i’m gonna wrap it up There and uh thanks again for watching Talking tools we’ll see you next time [Music] [Music] You

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