Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker Review

[Music] Hi i’m jake with roasty coffee and today We’re going to be looking at the ninja Specialty coffee maker the ninja Specialty has been sitting on my counter For the last couple of years it’s the One that i use every day i’m a big fan Of it so i’m just going to quickly show You everything it can do and then talk To you about how i use it so let’s start By taking taking a look at the menu So first i’m going to Turn it on And then you can basically use the dial To click through the different size cups That you might want to use So starting with just sort of an Individual small mug into what they call An xl so an extra large mug and then Going up into like a travel mug size and Then an extra large travel mug size so As you can see you can really customize Depending on you know if you’re taking Coffee with you on the way to work or Whatever you can sort of customize that In as far as how much it’s going to give You and then ultimately a half pot and Then a full pot and so i’m usually using The xl travel mug size So beyond that you’ve got a few options With how you want to brew So they’ve got the classic setting here Which again is just going to be your Sort of default setting it’s also got a

Rich setting which is going to take a Little bit longer to brew it’s going to Be a little bit of a stronger coffee and Then they also have an over ice setting And so if you want to make an iced Coffee to be honest i never personally Mess with that but it’s just going to do A lower temperature It takes a lot longer for that to brew But it’s going to come out at a lower Temperature you’re going to put it over Ice And then the final button is a specialty Brew which is going to give a more Espresso-like Concentrated coffee so it’s going to be Four ounces every time and so it’s going To be a little bit stronger it’s going To pack a little bit of a punch so you Can add that in with milk and make a Latte that type of a drink at home Without using an espresso maker and so Again choose your setting and then Essentially you’re just going to hit the Button of the type that you want to brew So for me i’m generally going with the Classic button so i’m going to go ahead And make a little bit of coffee in this Thing when i’m ready to make coffee i’m Going to open up my brew basket here it Is set for a cone style filter so i’ve Got a number four filter I’m gonna drop that in there the other Thing that i love about this ninja is

That it has a built-in scoop And i know that’s pretty simple it’s got Two sides kind of a smaller scoop and Then a larger size i believe it’s one Tablespoon and two tablespoons But it’s just super convenient you know I’ve got little measuring cups in my in My drawer like anybody else does but Just having it attached to the side of Your coffee maker i find it super Convenient For me i’m basically using I usually go with two of the larger size Scoops for making about 20 ounces of Coffee and that feels about right to me So if you want to get really precise With it of course you should probably be Weighing your coffee but for these Purposes i’m going to grind a couple of Beans and Brew this thing up [Music] All right so i’ve added my grounds in With my coffee filter i should also Mention that the ninja comes with and Has available reusable filters so if you Want to use like a metal filter or Something like that you can i just Prefer the paper filters and so Basically i’m just going to push this Back in And then i’m going to go hit my classic Button and it’ll brew in just a couple Of minutes

All right so i’ve brewed my xl travel Mug size here in my ninja specialty Coffee maker One other little feature that i like About this is it has the drip stop Right up here so if i switch this over It essentially just closes it out so When you pull that out if you’re wanting To just steal a quick cup while it’s Making a full pot or something like that It’ll just totally close it off so you Don’t get any coffee dripping down when You pull this out So i would basically just pull this out Put it in my travel mug and go from There but there’s a couple of other Little things i want to show you before We wrap up one is the fold out milk Frother here So it should be clear that this is not a Milk steamer You can also hear the machine beeping Right now which tells me that it’s Officially done But this will essentially let you froth Your milk If you want to throw in the microwave as Kind of a poor man’s milk steamer you Can you know heat it up for 30 to 45 Seconds hit the froth button here and Then it’s just going to give it that Bubbly texture that’ll stand up really Well So i’ll show you how that works real

Quick So i’ve got a mug here with milk Really it’s just got a button on the top That you push And i’m frothing the milk there There are also two different models you Can get one is a glass carafe which is The one that i have The other has more of a double wall Stainless steel one of the differences There is you see the stay warm button Here so it’s got the Warming plate down below that only comes On the glass one which sort of makes Sense the double wall stainless steel Obviously does a good job of keeping Your coffee hot for quite a bit so That’s one of the differences in the two Models So one other thing i wanted to show you Before i wrap up which i think is kind Of cool is if you are using the single Mug feature it’s got a little flip down Mug holder here on the side um so you Can just set your mug on there and it’s Going to be a little bit closer to the Brew basket up here and so it’s kind of Cool if you are doing a single mug style Just folds right away if you’re not Using it And you can simply store your carafe in Right there so overall the as you can See with the water tank it doesn’t Completely empty out every time like

Some coffee makers do so it’s just going To use exactly the amount that you need Depending on the drink that you selected And as i said before this replaced the Old ninja coffee bar which a lot of People still look for so if you’re Looking for a very versatile at-home Machine I love it like i said i’ve been using it For a couple of years i highly recommend It so if you’d like to check it out just Click the link in the description below And thanks a lot for watching

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