Olomouc Coffee Guide | European Coffee Trip

Olomouc Coffee Guide | European Coffee Trip

Hello guys it’s electronic from european Computer and in this video i will show You five great teachers you can visit in Olive oil [Music] 50 number one is a long story short so Now it’s a long story short is where we Are going Long story short is a hostel and cafe Located only about 10 minutes from the City centre it is beautifully built into The old middle-age fortress of Paulo Moans we as the owner available wha About the name it was basically inspired By the long history of the building and The short part in it it’s just the stay Of the guest right now we are at a Reception it’s also a place where you Can sit and enjoy your coffee Well the coffee first of all he’s got The New Zealand terminology so you won’t Find espresso and lumo here you will Find short black one but that kind of Goes with with our name as well so it Kind of fit it in the picture a Breakfast buffet and filter coffee is a Perfect start to a day every morning you Can give me number two is fair he Cafe is a small takeaway cafe where all The discussion is inspired by coffee you Are in all modes in a small grocery in Chicopee which is situated nearby Metropole cinema and the famous just Fresh coffee which started third wave in

Olives and here in the cafe you can see Compete bags full of green coffee that Will be roasted just next doors key cafe Is named after its co-founder Cristina’s Ooh Dora who turned a decade of coffee Experience into this new venture with Her business partner yaqoob paper almost Every other customer we are taking the Coffee bean with us we get the Ethiopian Coffee and you see behind me what was Cooking again Jeffie number three is just fresh cafe We are in front of just fresh cafe and We are just going inside to have a Coffee just fresh cafe is one of the Very first specialty cafes in the city And you can find it just across the Street from the key camp we order our First coffee and grocery they use for Its depart from Berlin and we could Choose from necroses Brazilian coffee Coffee from Kenya Colombia or Costa Rica And the suggestion from the barista was Colombia we are gonna drink and you can Enjoy it together with homemade cakes or Sandwiches just fresh cafe is a place You can sit down and relax if you want To drink something cold and cold brewed Coffee is not enough or there a bottle Of beer from a system microbrewery como Cafe number 4 is traffic coffee right Now we are in front of traffic coffee in All modes and we are going inside for a Cup of coffee can you hear that that’s

Why I traffic coffee traffic coffee is a Tiny takeaway cafe on a Pulaski street Just next to the almost biggest part we Are right at the station of tram which Is called not register it is built into Former newspaper kiosk and offers Specialty coffee to many commuters Passing this busy street right now we Are in the traffic of in all our modes And we order filter coffee from baku From oka master and also cappuccino and Cappuccino they have two coffees but we Choose the european coffee from Kekaha Also in all alone the founder of traffic Coffee Uggh eoq combines his career as an Architect with love for specialty coffee You can sit on the tea three point one Chair that he designed using this card From chairs from prague if he number Five’s cafe a close cafe a close a Cheetah’s nobody offers an escape from The bus of the city center The spacious cafe opened by martins I Check into tau We’re good coffee simply clean design And good location in the Central City What may surprise you is a location of The bar it is in the very end of the KK But don’t worry just choose a table you Like and printers that will take care of Your order so right now we are visiting Cafe at musk and besides a great cup of Coffee you should definitely try check

Hooked up with a cream inside Martin Brings various coffee roasters from all Around the Czech Republic so ask your Baristas what you can take So we hope that you enjoy this video There are many more cafes you can visit Almost you can find them all on our Website link below thank you guys for Watching if you like this video smash Like button subscribe and we will see You in the next video [Music] You

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