What Coffee Machine to Buy in 2022 – The Ultimate Guide to espresso machines for anyones priorities.

What Coffee Machine to Buy in 2022 - The Ultimate Guide to espresso machines for anyones priorities.

[Music] G’day guys ryde here your chief espresso Officer and today i’m going to answer a Question i get asked all the time and It’s a very difficult one to answer in a Short video like this however bear with Me because we’re going to go diving deep Into what machine well specifically what Espresso machine do i buy in 2022 so Let’s get into it Now i could go on for hours and hours About different types of machines Because there’s literally thousands of Different machine and manufacturers out There in today’s and there’s more Propping up still but i’m going to go Through the ones that i personally like And the ones that i got my hands on Before and i’m gonna look at things not Just about budget because obviously Budget is important to a lot of people And some it may not be it might be just Whatever the best one is out there but Most people have a budget a limit a Range or an idea of what they want to Spend and aside from that there’s other Important factors that don’t necessarily Come in under your budget so Is latte art for instance really Important to you getting that silky milk What about getting that perfect espresso What about understanding what’s going on What about having complete control over Everything these are things that are

Might be important to different people And so i’m going to try and cover them And maybe we have to make a matrices to Understand what is important to you Budget and types of machine and Availability all those sorts of things So let’s get into it the very first one That i would like to recommend to people If you’re starting out in coffee or you Don’t have a huge budget it’s coming up To when audi starts selling their Espresso machine it’s branded sterling But they sell it only once a year in Audi usually around march and april so i Feel like they’re going to be coming out With that shortly i’m not sure about in The us whether they have the same time Frames they’re definitely the sterling Audi espresso machine is by far the best Value money can get you for 300 Australian i bought this machine a Couple of years ago when the pandemic First started because i thought i wanted To give somebody Advice on what low budget machine you Could get if you just had to suddenly Transition to working from home and you Needed a machine that gave you decent Espresso or some form of espresso Because you couldn’t get down to the Cafe you weren’t allowed to leave the Home whatever reason you might have so i Bought the audi machine i’m conflicted Because normally 299 is not what i would

Say spend on a coffee machine however The audi one likes audi continuously Does Surprised me the machine is stainless Steel there’s plastic parts but the most Of the parts are commercial grade the Portafilters a 58 mil portafilter that Means that you can pretty much put any Port of filter that’s commercial into it And yes look it comes with the caveat That it’s not the best machine out there Of course however if you’re looking at a Machine under a thousand dollars then i Would probably just start with the audi Machine if it’s available and you can Get your hands on it because for 299 You can get basically the same Value that a machine that might cost you Eight hundred dollars nine hundred Dollars gives you i’ve used this for two Years now on and off depending on when My machine’s broken i just swap it out For this machine or i’ve lent it to Other people who needed machines in Emergency cases everyone has come back With wow this machine actually produces A decent quality espresso it has great Milk frother it has the ability to Extract enough coffee i can grind my Coffee fine enough and the pump pressure Is high enough that it can extract a Decent quality coffee maybe not the best If you’re drinking espresso only without Adding milk then maybe this machine

Isn’t where you want to start however if You’re getting into coffee the first Time or you just need something as a Backup or it’s a cheap one then the audi Machine you cannot go past Here’s another thing that i would warn You about about entry-level machines so Ones that are normally from kmart or Supermarket models that are about 70 Bucks 80 bucks why would i stay away From those ones if you’re getting into Coffee for the first time or you just Need a machine because they don’t Produce a quality coffee in fact i Bought a couple during the pandemic to Donate to some customers might need some Help just getting over that line maybe They can’t afford coffee every day but You need coffee every day so i donated a Couple out so the feedback i got after i Gave out these machines was that they Ended up putting them aside because the Coffee was so bad even with my great Quality coffee The coffee that they produced was so bad The milk was just frothed up to the max It’s like hard old school style milk Frother and they weren’t producing a Decent cup anyway so they found that They were having to go out and buy a Coffee anyway because it just didn’t Satisfy them so I don’t believe that you should go out And buy one of those really really cheap

Machines if you can’t get the audi one And you want to you can’t wait and you Want to buy one right now perhaps look At something that’s like a la lit lay Lit is a great no thus nothing fancy Really solid machine like anna is one That i think is a really low end one Like just a great quality machine but Nothing fancy and they go right up to Dual boilers pids all of that but laylat Is a great brand and i think you can Find one for Reasonably priced around five hundred Dollars so a little bit more expensive Than the audi but at least you don’t Have to wait So what other machines are there that You can purchase under a thousand Dollars well the breville machine that I’ve always gone to is the dual boiler However for some reason the price has Gone up quite a bit maybe since the Start of the pandemic maybe since the Supply shortages but it’s now a thousand Plus there is other machines that they Have released one of them is the Breville barista Pro and the other one is the breville Barista express now they have the Bambinis and all the small ones as well I tend to stay away from those same with The sunbeam the low end ones they just Don’t last long enough and they don’t Produce a great quality coffee to begin

With anyway i just would move on to Something more solid the breville Barista pro Is one that’s 850 australian Around about that and it has a built-in Grinder now i don’t recommend a built-in Grinder where you can avoid it because What happens with heat and coffee and Moisture rust corrosion it’s not good And you want to have a grinder that is Separate so that it’s just heating up And there’s no moisture getting in there Whereas with your machine moisture is Going to get in there there’s always Going to be some water ingress from Somewhere or steam the coffee combined With the heat and the moisture will just Wreck that and sure enough a lot of People have said that over time the Breville barista pro or the express Which is the one model before it were Not good enough to keep around long term Don’t buy the breville barista express That one i don’t rate at all i don’t Think the pump is really powerful enough The milk steamer is not very good at all There is the pro i think they’re about The same price maybe the pro is slightly More expensive now but that is my coffee Machine of choice for the breville under A thousand dollars if you have to buy an Espresso machine and you don’t want to Spend more than about eight hundred Dollars and you need a grinder because

If you don’t have a grinder you Definitely need to get one especially For espresso coffee if you don’t have One then yes go ahead and buy the Breville barista pro it’s got a Fantastic milk steamer it will give you Great quality coffee the only problem is Is that it won’t last very long and Within five years you’ll be replacing That one so if you’re just starting out And you want to get a decent quality Coffee then the breville barista pro is Under a thousand dollars and it will Satisfy just that now let’s have a look At a brand that’s under a thousand Dollars that actually can give you a Fantastic tasting coffee as long as you Are an experienced barista or you know Exactly what you’re doing this machine i Have a little bit of a love affair with For many many years because ranchelio Was the first machine i ever owned back In 2000 i bought a z9 which was bright Orange and looked more like something That fell from star lab than a coffee Machine but it produced the most Beautiful coffee back in the 2000s best Crema and just everyone that i showed it To fell in love with what it produced And ranchillo have now got a quite a Following with their machine their home Barista machine called the silvia which Then are up to version six so they have A huge amount of modifications a modding

Community that shows you how to upgrade It different parts it’s a fully Serviceable machine it’ll cost you about 750 aud or thereabouts but this is not For beginners so whilst the machine is Fantastic it’s robust you’re looking at 15 plus years getting out of this Machine you can upgrade the elements you Can upgrade pid you can add on a bunch Of different mods it will do your Heading if you’re starting out in coffee And you want to get a good shot or steam Some good milk it literally requires an Engineering certificate or about 15 Years of barista experience to get that Fantastic tasting coffee but once you Know what you’re doing this machine is Unbeatable so if you’re already a Barista and you know how to create a Great coffee on your work machine and You understand about temperature surfing I can’t really go into a lot about that But temperature surfing is waiting until The temperature hits the right point to Extract your coffee so it’s not boiling Your coffee and it’s not cold but the Steam one still has a lot to be desired And For those of you who want to get really Good silky milk buy the one with has the Pid in it maybe the dual boiler that’s Coming out but not your base model Sylvia however if you just want to Extract some great coffee and you don’t

Mind getting in under the hood to fix Things when things break This machine will last you literally Forever and it’s fantastic and i still Have friends out there who love this Machine and refuse to trade it in and Get something new Because they’ve worked it out this Machine becomes a part of their family It’s that good but you just got to know How to use it hey and if you like the Content so far in this video give me a Thumbs up because every little bit helps And i want to get out there and i want To help as many people as i can so if You think this is good chances are Somebody else thinks this is good too so I’d like to share it with them and you Giving a thumbs up lets it get out there A little bit further So so far we’ve got the basic audi Espresso machine and if you don’t have a Budget for anything else i would just Wait for it to come out then you’ve got Your silvia by ranchillo if you know What you’re doing if you don’t know what You’re doing and you’ve got that eight Hundred dollars to a thousand dollars But you can’t afford to go over and you Need to get in a grinder as well Then The breville barista pro is a decent Alternative however if you can Save the 500 bucks

And put it towards a proper grinder If you have a 300 machine and a 500 Grinder you’re actually going to get a Better result than if you have it Flipped around or no grinder at all so i Would where you can always add five Hundred dollars to your budget to buy a Decent baratza setti grinder even if you Don’t have that much the breville smart Grinder pro is about 200 australian is a Decent purchase to get you started and It’s not built into the machine it’s Basically the same one that comes in the Machine so if you have the budget i Would jump up to my next favorite Machine and i’ve been a big fan of this Machine for a long time now the breville Jewel boiler the breville jewel boiler Is exactly as it says a dual boiler Machine that means it has one boiler Just dedicated to the extraction of your Coffee and one boiler dedicated to the Steam that means you can do both Extracting your coffee and steaming milk At exactly the same time which some People find really useful because you Don’t want to always have to wait for Your extraction and then start on a milk Especially if you’re doing multiple milk Or multiple coffees so you might want to Consider this machine as your purchase If you’re upgrading or you’ve got about Fifteen hundred dollars to buy the Grinder and the machine in one go so the

Breville jewel boiler has a really Fantastic steam one it’s only downside It’s that’s a little bit slow but you Get the silkiest milk and that if you Want to get into latte art is the Perfect machine to go down that road it Also Allows you to set the temperature for The machine for the extraction so you Can raise it up a little bit if it’s a Lighter coffee and you can lower it if It’s a more medium roast coffee there’s Pre-infusion which i definitely Recommend you turn off unless you know What you’re doing and it heats up in About a minute’s time which is fantastic For getting your coffees out really Quickly in the morning but the downside I have for this machine Is that it breaks fairly easily and i’ve Had about four of them and they have Only lasted between three maximum five Years and it seems to be a simple thing Going wrong right around the boiler a Seal that leaks and then it shorts and If you have the skills you can actually Take it apart and replace it because Most of the time it’s like a 30 plastic Part that you can replace but the Problem is is the time and labor cost of Getting inside it to open it up to fit The new part put it all back together Takes a long time like six or seven Hours to do it and so if you send it off

To get repaired it’s going to cost you Pretty much close to what the machine is And then you might as well put that Towards a new machine for most people This is going to be the best purchase in Fact this is my number one Recommendation is the breville jewel Boiler because you just can’t go wrong With it in any way shape or form and I’ve recommended this to so many people Just with the caveat of this is not a Long-term machine if you want something That lasts long that is a little bit Good looking that’s not super expensive There’s the gagia classic pro yes it’s Not the sexiest machine but this is a Workhorse it will last you forever Pretty much the same as the rancherio Silvia it has most of the same functions You just need to understand a little bit About making coffee in order to use it To get the best out of it however this Is a machine that you can service parts It always commercial grade so you can Just use it on any standard equipment You can buy all the accessories without Having to worry whether they fit mostly Which is handy and unlike the breville Pro which has a 54 mil basket means you Have to get everything custom made for The breville pro the gagia classic is Just set fantastic as that stock Standard really robust machine around That price now once you go above 1000

You start getting a lot of different Machines there and they all start to Look really lovely as well so there’s Brands like profitec ecm they all have Machines and ecm is exactly just the Same as profittech has just rebadged They all have very similar design styles They have manual pre-infusion they have A heat exchange sometimes which means That you can do milk and extract your Coffee at the same time which is handy So just look for that word heat exchange They use the e61 group head so they all Have commercial fittings and they all Pretty much formed in the same category Here just depending on what’s important To you Look at things like this that have a pid Which is a temperature stabilizer which Allows the machine to sit pretty much at The same one so you don’t unlike the Ranchelio have the problem where it gets Too hot and you can risk burning your Coffee so a lot of these machines that Are not as well known are usually Cheaper because they’re trying to get Out there and get a bit of market share But they’re great quality machines and Most of these machines that go from Nineteen hundred dollars up to three Thousand dollars are going to last you 15 plus years and some of them will last You 30 years when you get to About 3 000

You start getting into my favorite brand Rocket and rocket make a whole range of Different coffee machines based on your Budget and what your needs are so i Would jump onto their site and have a Look at them the basic one being the Giotto And that gives you the ability to create A really nice espresso at home with Manual pre-infusion full c e61 head Steam both milk and extract coffee at The same time all commercial parts Really this is a machine that will last You 30 years you might have to service It every couple of years and that might Cost you six hundred dollars for this Machine when you’re spending three Thousand plus dollars on it you know You’re getting high quality and yes they Can jump up pretty quickly when you Start adding things like dual boilers Because those rockets they like to make Their machines look really lovely and All the parts and the way they make it Is super beautiful so they do ask a nice Price for them but you will never be Sorry if you purchase one of these Because they will become a family Feature probably an heirloom for years To come so who buys the rocket machines Well i wouldn’t say it’s your first Purchase unless you have the budget of Course if it’s something that you’re Looking at upgrading to rocket is

Perfect for that because you’ve got a Little bit of experience on the base Machines you want something that’s going To last you this time you want something That’s going to be a bit more of a Feature maybe you can afford to buy a Nice grinder that goes with it and if You’re looking at something i would say Look at kwama that’s a fantastic machine Kwame e50s and things like that they Have machines that are about Six to seven hundred dollars which are Beautiful machines that go perfectly Next to something like the rocket so That’s who buys these machines when we Start talking about jumping up to the Next level we’re looking at things that I have just purchased myself the decent Espresso machine These start at 5000 and go up to about 8 000 But these are machines not for people Who are just starting in coffee unless You really want to go Spend hours and hours and hours trying To get that perfect coffee because the Decent espresso machine unlike the name Actually creates the most exquisite Tasting coffee With the data that goes behind it so you Can see In graph form as it’s pouring the coffee Whether you’re getting the flow right Whether the pressure’s right whether the

Actual weight out is right it tracks Everything even the temperature so you Can have custom-made coffee at the click Of a button and always you have the Ability to change it tweak it make it Better every single time i just Purchased this machine after years and Years of looking at it but not really Wanting to take the plunge because the New brand decent hasn’t been around for Longer than seven years so they don’t Have a huge well-known reputation for Long-lasting devices however everything That’s gone into this machine Is commercial grade the quality has not Been overlooked and i wouldn’t be Surprised if this machine lasts as long As the other machines 15 plus years and If i get 15 plus years out of it i’m a Very happy person because what i also Get to do is analyze every single coffee That i ever make so when i’m making Coffee i come from the artistic way so i Really look at how it looks how it Smells what it sounds like when it’s Extracting the steam everything i come At it from an artistic and obviously how It tastes but with this machine it Allows me to go deep in underneath the Hood to see exactly what’s going on so That when i taste it i go that is Fantastic why and i can look at the Machine and go perfect that’s what i Need to do in my next shot to get that

Same result if you’re a geeky nerd like Me and you want to dive deep into why Coffee might taste like that and Experiment and do all sorts of different Coffees you can replicate other machines Even lever machines big commercial Machines different types of pour overs There’s a huge community behind it they All are vocal and they’re adding in new Recipes all the time it’s designed by Scott rayo who’s one of the godfathers Of coffee and he had a hand in it making And designing this machine and i just Can’t go past saying that this machine Should be called exquisite espresso Machine because decent doesn’t do it Justice enough however there was a Problem that i just found out literally Filming this video the ceramic basin That you put the water into to hold it The reservoir dropped and because of Ceramic it shattered luckily enough i Had a plastic container the right size i Could fill it up and you can actually Put that in underneath and still make a Coffee otherwise i’d be a very very sad And angry person not having my morning Coffee so there are some downsides to This machine and i think having a Ceramic reservoir and a ceramic drip Tray Is a little bit dangerous and i don’t Know why they didn’t go with a powder Coated stainless steel they did say it’s

Because it’s health and food safety i Know that you can manufacture machine Parts in other ways i would have been Much happier had i just dented my Stainless steel reservoir than Destroying my entire ceramic one and now Having to pay 60 to order a new one Those are the few downsides to this Machine but honestly this machine is Absolutely fantastic and i wouldn’t even Bother Looking at other machines above that Range now after having used this for a Couple of months because i feel like This machine has it all And the other machines may have some of It But doesn’t give you that feedback that You need in order to improve Now i wouldn’t be doing you justice if i Stopped there because lamazocco have Some fantastic home machines and whilst They don’t give you the feedback that Their decent machine does they are still Top quality machines and i i’ve been Using lamazoco for a long time but i’ve Never had one for my home and i always Did have my eye on the gs3 however at 11 000 australian i just thought it’s a Little bit outside of my budget the Linear mini is another fantastic machine For about seven and a half thousand Australian but again If you’re going to buy one of these

Machines you’re paying for the name they Are very robust really sturdy i know Excellent quality except that they don’t Give you any of the feedback even the Sonesso machine that i have here in Their cafe doesn’t give me any feedback It’s very good at being able to adjust And manipulate the shots to make it Perfect for what coffee you have running Through and the age of the coffee but You don’t get any of that feedback about What’s actually going on under the hood Like you do with the decent so when You’re spending this amount of money 5 000 plus on a coffee machine you might Want to consider Going straight to the decent unless you Just want something that no one else has And you can send it down to sprec Designs down in melbourne and get them To do a custom cover for your particular Home machine because they do some Fantastic looking colors for all types Of different machines and it’s worth the Investment if you’re spending that much Anyway once you get to lemonsocco gs3 There’s a couple more machines at that 11 plus thousand dollars that are worth Considering sinesso obviously the mvp Hydra single group is a fantastic Machine i can vouch for it because i Have one here i’ve been using it for a Couple of years and it is mint after That there’s also slayer which has a

Really good home machine there is one Machine that if budget wasn’t an issue And i was renovating my kitchen and i Just wanted to have one built into the Kitchen countertop i would look at the Mod bar it’s designed with using the lm Technology Technology it sits under the counter With just the spout coming through the Top looks like i’m serving beer at a bar If i wanted a machine like this and i Had the budget this would be my go-to Because i just love the openness the Feel of it everything about it and i Just can’t wait for one day in the Future to have a kitchen with a couple Of these little mod bars built in Underneath so that’s it for my fairly Brief overview of what coffee machine to Buy and it really does come down to a Couple of things for you guys which i’ll Try and put into this matrices here if Your budget is low and you don’t have Skills grab the audi machine that’s by Far the number one machine go out and Buy that now and spend some of your Other money On a grinder and get a decent grinder as Well make sure it’s a bird grinder now If you do have skills like you’re a Barista already or you’ve been making Coffee at home for a while espresso Coffee then i would look at the ram Chilio sylvia for a thousand plus

Dollars you’re going to get a magical Machine that you can manipulate you can Be part of a modding community and you Can get the best tasting espresso at Home but if you don’t have the skills And you have that same budget then i Would look at the breville jewel boiler And the breville jewel boiler will give You a perfect coffee it’s so easy you Don’t even have to think about it but You still have full control if you want And the milk is to die for now let’s say You don’t have the budget to buy that Breville jewel boiler and a coffee Grinder and you need to have a machine With a built-in grinder then go the Breville barista pro Because it has the coffee grinder in There it’s under a thousand dollars And you can still make cafe quality Coffee very very easily next on the Matrix is that middle range machines Above a thousand dollars for ones that Are going to last a long time So Breville don’t last if you want Something to last But you need something that’s easy to Manipulate and you want something to Look really beautiful Then you want to look at something like A profitec or an ecm those machines at That fifteen hundred dollars nine Hundred dollars are great machines to

Have above that i just go straight to Giotto the rocket giotto it’s three and A half plus thousand but you get a Fantastic looking coffee machine super Easy to use fully manual great tasting Espresso and it lasts you forever going Above that you go to my golden all-time Favorite my current coffee machine the Decent espresso machine fantastic i’ve Already gone into it a little bit before This is the machine to aspire to But just remember you will lose hours And hours and hours of reading Researching analyzing and making coffee So it’s really hard to just make a Coffee early in the morning and not try And refine it tweak it get that little Bit extra out of it and before you know It an hour’s gone and you’re late for Work that’s my top one after that you’ve Got your lamazoko linear mini at 7000 Plus you’ve got your gs3 at 10 000 plus You’ve got your slayer and you’ve got Your sonesso mvp hydra at 13 000 plus And then very final one at the very top Is the mod bar so that’s it from me if You like this content please give me a Thumbs up and if you really like it Subscribe Add a comment down below tell me what You think of these videos and if you Agree with me on the machines if you Have suggestions for other machines out There please put them in the comments

Below because i don’t know every machine That’s out there and i’m finding out About them all the time so if you help Me introduce them to me i can look them Up later on and review them too share That with the world i’m ryde chief Espresso officer enjoy your brew [Music]

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