Bunn Clean: How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker

Bunn Clean: How to Clean a Bunn Coffee Maker


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How To Keep Your Bunn Coffee Maker Clean And Ready To Serve Delicious Coffee

When it comes to brewing a tasty cup of coffee, there is nothing quite like the flavor of a Bunn coffee maker. With the perfect blend of precise temperatures and timed brewing cycles, Bunn coffee makers make it easy to get great coffee at home. But to make sure that your coffee tastes great every time, you need to keep your Bunn coffee maker clean and ready to serve. Here’s a quick guide on how to do just that.

Regular Cleaning

For optimal flavor and performance it’s important to regularly clean your Bunn coffee maker. Doing it regularly will keep any sediment from building up and affecting the taste of your coffee. Here are a few tips for keeping your Bunn in top condition:

  • Clean the Carafe and brew funnel – Start by washing your carafe and brew funnel in warm water and soap or glass cleaner. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly after cleaning. You can also use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe away any coffee residue from the surface of the machine.
  • Descale the Brewer – Over time, minerals from the water can start to build up inside your machine. To prevent this, you should descale your coffee maker every three to six months. Fill the carafe with one gallon of water and a quarter cup of descaling solution. Then, pour it into the coffee maker and run it through a regular brew cycle twice. Empty the carafe and rinse it well to remove any traces of the descaling solution.
  • Clean the sprayhead – The sprayhead of your Bunn brewer should also be cleaned regularly. Unscrew the sprayhead and soak it in a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part warm water for five minutes. Then scrub it with a soft toothbrush or pipe cleaner and rinse thoroughly. Also be sure to check for any clogs in the sprayhead, and if there are any, remove them.

Special Cleaning Procedures

In addition to the regular cleaning tips above, you may also need to do some special cleaning procedures from time to time. For example, if your Bunn coffee maker has not been used for an extended period of time you should clean it before using it. You should also be sure to clean the reservoir regularly and make sure you’re using the right kind of water.

If your Bunn machine isn’t performing optimally, it could also be due to a buildup of lime or scale. To clean it, fill the carafe with one gallon of white vinegar and run a brew cycle. Empty the carafe and rinse it well. Then repeat the process with a full gallon of clean water to make sure there is no vinegar residue left.

Keeping Your Bunn Coffee Maker in Tip-top Shape

By following the cleaning tips and procedures outlined above, you can keep your Bunn coffee maker in tip-top shape and make sure that your coffee tastes great every time. Regular cleaning and descaling will ensure that you get the best flavor and performance out of your machine. So make sure to follow these steps and enjoy delicious, perfectly brewed coffee every day.

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